Canadian companies face increasingly competitive business realities, in this country and globally. Companies operating in the energy, industry, transport, urban infrastructure, high-tech, and manufacturing sectors encounter a host of environmental and social challenges as they seek to excel economically.

One defining feature of consistently profitable companies is their ability to prevent and mitigate environmental risks and leverage commercial opportunities through integrating sustainability into corporate strategy and operations. There is a compelling business case for companies to make investment, technology, production, and market decisions that provide sustainability benefits to communities, and society at large.

Each year since 2002, The GLOBE Foundation has proudly supported the commitment of these business leaders by recognizing outstanding achievement in environmental stewardship with the GLOBE Awards for Environmental Excellence. Considered to be the most high-profile national awards series of its type, the GLOBE Awards are judged by a panel of experts recognized in the Canadian business community.

All winners and finalists of the GLOBE Awards receive nation-wide media coverage and the opportunity to showcase their achievements to their clients, colleagues and peers.