There is no fee to apply for a GLOBE Award. If your company or applicant is chosen as a finalist or winner in your category, any representative attending the GLOBE Awards Ceremony at the GLOBE 2014 Closing Luncheon will be required to purchase a ticket ($75 per ticket or a table of 8 for $500).

An email will be sent to each applicant confirming receipt of their submission(s).

Please follow this step-by-step process to complete your application:

Application requirements:

  1. Review the Categories & Judging Criteria to select the category that best fits your project
  2. Complete the Entry Form online
  3. Include the following in your application, one separate file per item, named accordingly:
    1. Your core application in Word or PDF format: a free-style essay on why your company should receive a GLOBE Award, making sure to answer EACH judging criteria for the selected category (Maximum 5 Pages)
    2. A 100 word synopsis of your company in Word or PDF format
    3. Your corporate logo in a high-resolution EPS or Illustrator format (full color, minimum 200 dpi)
    4. You are welcome to submit additional supporting information in addition to your core application (in Word or PDF format), but please try to keep this information to a reasonable amount
  4. It is acceptable to apply for more than one category, however please submit separate applications for each category and ensure applications are different, in response to different judging criteria of each category
  5. Applications for the GLOBE Awards can be submitted directly by the applicant company or by a third party on behalf of the applicant company

Tips on making the most of your application:
When providing information, make every attempt to address each specific criterion outlined for the particular category for which you are applying. If there are specific environmental benefits achieved by your corporation that are measurable, please include these.