Categories & Judging Criteria

It has taken determination, unwavering commitment, and flawless execution to launch your environmental initiatives, programs, or products. The GLOBE Awards for Environmental Excellence provide the opportunity to tell the world what you’ve accomplished.

The 2016 GLOBE Awards will be presented in the following five categories:

The Award for
 Corporate Environmental Excellence | [Judging Criteria]

Whether through expansion, acquisition, or a change in strategic focus, corporations are seeking ways to meet global environmental challenges while maintaining, and enhancing, shareholder value. This award will be presented to a Canadian corporation with a proven record of environmental stewardship that has materially contributed to economic competitiveness through a commitment to environmental excellence that is integrated with a corporate-wide approach to sustainability.

The Award for Excellence in Emerging Technology | [Judging Criteria]

The most pressing and seemingly unfixable environmental challenges always give rise to the most innovative technological solutions. This award will be presented to a Canadian company that has made valuable progress in the advancement of current environmental technologies or is on the cutting-edge in pursuing new and emerging technologies. It will recognize the technology with the most promising potential to provide the greatest financial return from broad commercial application.

The Award for Technology Innovation and Application | [Judging Criteria]

New and innovative technologies are being developed and applied to solve pressing environmental problems. This award will be presented to a company or group of companies that has demonstrated outstanding technical ingenuity in the development and / or application of an innovative technology with a significant environmental application. This technology will have a proven track record from concept through to commercialization.

The Award for Excellence in Urban Sustainability | [Judging Criteria]

As the hub of industry and innovation, cities have become the economic engines of society. Liveable, vibrant, and sustainable cities are rising to the top of the competitive ladder through their ability to attract talent and investment. A key ‘building block’ for such world class cities is the planning and practice of urban sustainability in City form, building design, and economic systems. This award will be presented to a local government, private sector company, or consortium which has developed and applied outstanding urban sustainability principles.

The Association Award for Sustainable Leadership | [Judging Criteria]

Environmental leadership often transcends the individual company and is demonstrated across the entire sector or industry. These sectors or industries can be represented by organizations such as associations, industry groups, business collaboratives and so on, which can also demonstrate leadership in sustainability. This award will be presented to an organization representing an industry, sector, or business collaborative that has shown leadership by going beyond regulatory compliance to develop a collective commitment across their sector or industry to improved environmental performance through research, development, and education in partnership with governments, non-governmental organizations, communities, and other stakeholders.