Environmental leadership often transcends the individual company and is demonstrated across the entire sector or industry. These sectors or industries can be represented by organizations such as associations, industry groups, business collaboratives, and so on, which can also demonstrate leadership in sustainability. This award will be presented to an organization representing an industry, sector, or business collaborative that has shown leadership by going beyond regulatory compliance to develop a collective commitment across their sector or industry to improved environmental performance through research, development, and education in partnership with governments, non-governmental organizations, communities, and other stakeholders.


This award will be presented to a Canadian-based corporation with:

  1. Initiatives in place to encourage and assist all members to meet, and exceed, legislative requirements and voluntary commitments for environmental performance:
    • Demonstrated programs in place to assist members with regulatory compliance
    • Demonstrated programs / initiatives developed by the sector (or organization) that encourage members to go beyond compliance such as voluntary commitments to rigorous performance targets
    • Members of the organization show widespread support for subscribing to voluntary initiatives
    • Annual / regular sectoral reports are available for interested stakeholders, and set clear visions and outcomes for the sector
  2. Supports ongoing research on the environmental impacts of industry operations and supports development of technological solutions to reduce and / or eliminate environmental impacts:
    • Industry members have demonstrated support for research and development by providing dedicated, recurring resources
    • Research is conducted by an accredited third party such as universities or official research institutes
  3. Has developed partnerships with governments, communities, and other stakeholders in order to set environmental goals:
    • Partnerships have a demonstrable positive impact on the sector’s ability to attain environmental objectives
  4. Has demonstrated global vision by co-operating with industry groups on an international level in areas such as R&D, education, and training:
    • The industry sector has proven relationships and co-operative projects with a variety of other organizations internationally
    • The visions, goals, and expected outcomes of the co-operative projects or initiatives are clearly articulated