Whether through expansion, acquisition, or a change in strategic focus, corporations are seeking ways to meet global environmental challenges while maintaining, and enhancing, shareholder value. This award will be presented to a Canadian corporation with a proven record of environmental stewardship that has materially contributed to economic competitiveness through a commitment to environmental excellence that is integrated with a corporate-wide approach to sustainability.


This award will be presented to a Canadian corporation with:

  1. A track record of environmental stewardship and sustainability practices with commitment to business competitiveness and financial performance:
    • Achieved demonstrated improvement in environmental performance in areas of air / water emissions, GHG reductions, waste reduction and recycling / re-use initiatives, and implementation of EMS / ISO 14 000
    • Achieved outstanding environmental management and performance based on a platform of corporate sustainability
    • Demonstrated reduction in costs and / or enhanced business competitiveness through implementation of the above initiatives
  2. A CEO leadership that has provided vision and support for corporate environmental policies, sustainability, or social responsibility (CSR):
    • CEO presentation of corporate vision and engagement in dialogue on environment and sustainability issues through presentations, letters, or other mediums
    • CEO engagement in sustainability issues in annual reporting and CER
  3. A synergy between the Board of Directors and managers with respect to environment, sustainability, and social policies:
    • Corporate Board has an active Environmental or SD Committee
    • Corporation has an effective process to translate corporate environmental and SD vision into concrete initiatives
  4. An excellence in measurement and communication of environment and sustainability progress:
    • The corporation clearly communicates the issues of key concern to stakeholders
    • Transparency regarding objectives, targets, and progress on key environmental issues
    • The methods of types of indicators adopted by the corporation clearly demonstrate both environmental impact and progress
    • The financial and competitive benefits of environmental progress are communicated in the annual report and CER, and to employees
    • The corporation uses a variety of media (reports, web, community meetings) to communicate its message
  5. An ability to adapt to changing environment sustainability and social priorities with a clear vision for future direction:
    • The corporation has concrete examples of how it has adapted to changing environmental and social priorities
    • New corporate vision is communicated to employees and shareholders through the CER, Annual Report, and website
  6. An ability to take on an industry leadership role and act as a catalyst for environmental action on a sectoral basis:
    • The corporation has demonstrated leadership and catalyzed action within its industry sector