The most pressing and seemingly unfixable environmental challenges always give rise to the most innovative technological solutions. This award will be presented to a Canadian company that has made valuable progress in the advancement of current environmental technologies or is on the cutting-edge in pursuing new, and emerging, technologies. It will recognize the technology with the most promising potential to provide the greatest financial return from broad commercial application.


This award will be presented to a Canadian company or group of companies that:

  1. Is on the cutting-edge in pursuing new and emerging technologies:
    • Product demonstrates innovation, functionality, importance of technology, and ease of use / implementation
    • Technology improves quality and reduces costs and environmental impact
    • Product’s innovation brings improvements in environmental performance over comparable alternatives, while maintaining functional performance
    • Detailed analysis demonstrates increased resource efficiency and reduced environmental impact over the complete life-cycle of the technology
  2. Has engaged other actors in the sector, research institutes, associations, or other companies:
    • Product development has led to applying for grants or patents, published articles, and peer reviews of the product or technology
    • Product was developed in collaboration with a university, institute, learning centre, or other companies
    • A study on ROI was conducted and investors have endorsed the product
  3. Has developed a technology which is promising a great financial return from broad commercial application:
    • Proof must be given that the new technology is economically viable (e.g. through sales performance data or credible sales projections)
    • Study on market potential and market execution