As the hub of industry and innovation, cities have become the economic engines of society. Liveable, vibrant, and sustainable cities are rising to the top of the competitive ladder through their ability to attract talent and investment. A key ‘building block’ for such world class cities is the planning and practice of urban sustainability in City form, building design, and economic systems. This award will be presented to a local government, private sector company, or consortium which has developed and applied outstanding urban sustainability principles.


This award will be presented to a local government, private sector company, or consortium which has:

  1. Applied sustainability thinking, solutions, and ideas in urban planning, including the urban form and the built environment, such as:
    • City Planning and Building / Facility Design
    • New and Re-Developed Sites and Buildings
    • Public, Quasi-Public, and Private Facilities and Services
  2. Developed and applied environmental technologies and approaches in urban infrastructure and projects:
    • Positive impact on the community
    • Positive resulting human and ecological health benefits
    • Overall effectiveness and resulting economic benefits to the community and / or surrounding businesses
    • Potential for replicability of the project in another community
  3. Demonstrated an integration of sustainability principles and practices into urban development:
    • Involvement of stakeholder in sustainable urban development
    • Original solutions devised to address regulatory issues
    • Changes in policies and practices of governments, institutions, and industry

To be eligible for this Award, the project design must be complete and construction started (at a minimum) or be complete. Applications may be submitted by an individual involved in the project or by a third party. Third party applications must list either the primary project coordinator, or the entire project team as the applicant. Please submit the following in addition to the Standard Application:

  • An Executive Summary of the project (max one page)
  • A profile of the community where the project is / intends to be, and the impact the project will have on social, environmental, economic, or other health factors
  • Diagrams, site plans, or other visual materials that show how sustainable principles were incorporated into the project

Use the “Other Supporting Documentation” options on the Application Page to upload these files.