Increasingly today, new and innovative technologies are being developed and applied to solve pressing environmental problems. This award will be presented to a company or group of companies that has demonstrated outstanding technical ingenuity in the development and / or application of an innovative technology with a significant environmental application. This technology will have a proven track record through commercialization.


This award will be presented to a Canadian company or group of companies that has achieved:

  1. Excellence in terms of translating innovation concepts into successful commercial production:
    • The company has conceived a major new innovation
    • The company has developed a new technology innovation from concept through to commercialization
    • The company’s new technology innovation has widespread commercial production through its own facilities or through a technology licensing arrangement
  2. Commercialization of a technology either within its own operations, or in partnership with other firms:
    • The company’s technological innovation was conceived through technology convergence where two or more partners significantly participated in technology development. Of particular interest are innovations whose commercial application linked together research institutions, technology companies, and industrial firms
    • The marketing of the technology highlighted its environmental benefits
  3. Success in the development or application of a technology that acts to substantially reduce environmental impacts while contributing to overall efficiency and operational improvement:
    • Through application of the technology, the company has demonstrated positive impacts to environmental performance and sustainable development (e.g. reduced resource use, more efficient production and / or operation)
    • Resulting benefits of the technology include improved productivity and competitiveness for the user
    • The technology actually created or penetrated new markets (sectoral and / or geographical)
  4. An ability to adapt or apply technologies to meet changing environmental priorities and applications:
    • The company has successfully evolved the technology, or has put in place a process for continuous improvement of the technology or application to meet changing environmental and economic demands