Apply for the Next Gen Entrepreneur Award at the GLOBE Awards

delphi_logo_rgb_90x42This award will be presented to a post-secondary student (undergraduate, graduate, college student, trades) or a recent graduate who is within the first 5 years of their career (under 30 years of age), who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication, commitment, innovation, and entrepreneurship with regards to the principles of sustainability (environmental stewardship, social responsibility, economic excellence). The award will recognize either a body of work that has been completed, the implementation of a program or initiative, a technical innovation, and/or the formation of a business/social enterprise that is effectively tackling an environmental challenge, while at the same time demonstrating improved environmental, social, and economic performance.  The application deadline is February 28, 2014.


1.     Demonstration of being a(n)
          – Undergraduate
          – Graduate
          – College Student
          – Trades Program/Apprenticeship
          – Within first 5 years of career (and under 30 years of age)

2.     Demonstration of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, dedication, and commitment with regards to sustainability.  Include a CV or resume, highlighting: education/training, experience, volunteerism, and previous awards and recognition.

3.     Has completed one or more of the following with regards to business and sustainability:
          – A major body of work
          – Implementation of a program or initiative
          – A technical innovation
          – The formation of a business or social enterprise
          – Other initiative that has improved the environment, enhanced the social community in which we live

4.     Provide a summary description of the aforementioned work in no more than 4 pages.

5.     A 200 word synopsis of the problem the work is designed to solve.

6.     Describe in one page or less how your work has solved or addressed the problem, decreased environmental/social impacts, and increased economic competitiveness/performance.

7.     Additional consideration will be given candidates who submit a letter of recommendation:
         – Teacher, Professor
         – Mentor, Workplace Supervisor
         – Community Leader 


1.     Leadership: Has demonstrated leadership and outstanding performance with regards to business and sustainability throughout academic career, work related activities, and personal life.
         – Has developed a new product or service, innovative clean technology, processes, programs or ideas.
         – Has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit thus far in their career.
         – Is dedicated and commitment to the principles of sustainability (Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Economic Excellence).
         – ‘Emerging’ leadership skills and personality not yet acknowledged widely by the public.

2.     Innovation: Has demonstrated excellence in terms of translating innovation into pragmatic and implementable sustainability solution.
         – Innovativeness of achieved projects, solutions, products, services, policies or institutions contributing to the promotion and integration of sustainability principles in business.
         – Work has the potential to be widely applied and/or implemented.

3.     Performance: Demonstrated positive results through a body of work, a program or initiative, a technical innovation, and/or the formation of an enterprise (business or social) that is tackling an environmental challenge.
          – Achieved/ing demonstrated improvement in environmental, social, and economic performance.
          – Achieved/ing outstanding integration of environmental, social, and economic considerations.

4.     Collaboration: Has demonstrated collaboration and/or engagement of stakeholders throughout the process.
          – Consulted or engaged stakeholders for feedback in order to ensure that the work was needed, mutually beneficial, and performed adequately.
          – Success in working collaborative with a group of different stakeholders to generate positive results
          – Outstanding individual working within or in close cooperation with the private and/or public sector.

5.     Continuous Improvement: Has demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement throughout this work and throughout academic career.